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Professional Massage Therapist

Description of Services

Swedish Massage
My Swedish massage is a full body massage designed to clam the mind, relax the body, and ease the sprite. As your massage begins you are enveloped by the warmth of a heated table and the rhythmic sounds of a far away land. I then combine the finest Masters Blend massage oil, with smooth flowing strokes to ease away the aches and pains; the stress of everyday life. When all you want to do is relax and forget about the day, this is the massage for you.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage, unlike Swedish massage, is a massage where we dig in and work out those knots and adhesions, getting the muscles loosened up and the blood flowing. Although a slight discomfort or soreness is not uncommon, pain is not our goal, rather it is to help facilitate the body’s own healing powers through the manipulation of the deeper muscular structure. As with all my massages, your massage will be adjusted to fit your personal needs and concerns.

The "Essential"
The "Essential" is a massage that treats those troubled areas inherent to all of us; our feet, legs, the hips, lower back, the shoulders and neck. All of my massages include some form of the "Essential" and are intended to help facilitate the rejuvenation of the whole person: mentally, physically and spiritually.
The moment your massage begins, I direct my energy towards relieving all your aches and pains. I begin by tapping into your base, or your center, by activating pressure points along the base of your feet. Then, from left to right, I begin to move the energy through your body and with a gentle rocking and shaking I am able to uncover the areas of tension and pain, tracking down the root cause of your discomfort. It is only then that your treatment begins.
Starting with the left foot, working to relive tension and increase blood flow, I will work up through the calves, thighs, gluts and hips. Utilizing a vigorous combination of stretching, kneading and trigger point therapy, I uncover knots and adhesions, which build-up, trapped in sore tight muscles (root cause of pain). This also helps to loosen fascia which allows proper expansion and contraction of muscle tissue as well as facilitating proper lymphatic drainage. Treatment continues with the right foot, calf, thigh, gluts and hip, and only after a through cleansing do I move onto the lower back, shoulders and neck.
I conclude your massage with a soothing combination of gentle movements and light finger pressure to key points along the neck, scalp and face and then begin to disengage. Returning to the base of your feet I will center us, then I'll release static energy trapped along your core and acknowledge our time spent together.

Hot Stone Massage
This is a deeply relaxing massage. You are laid on hot stones, massaged with hot stones — turned over and hot stones are then placed on top of you. You are then massaged head to toe with my special MASTER'S BLEND massage oil and hot stones...it's 90 minutes of pure bliss.

Pregnancy Massage
It is just what the mother to be needs! Her feet, ankles, calves, oh her lower back, and her poor neck and shoulders...if you really love her. Once a week, during those last two months, will make you her hero.

Sports Massage
It's all about pushing and pulling, twisting and turning, blood flowing, oxygenation of muscle tissue. Preparing the body to attack or recuperate in its optimum condition.

Straight Shiatsu
There are two basic types or modalities of Shiatsu. A traditional Japanese Shiatsu and a more Americanized Shiatsu.
I have been trained in the Americanized Shiatsu and have, over the years, tried to move closer to the pure heart of traditional Shiatsu. I am not a Japanese "Shiatsu Practitioner". That is, I am not formally trained as outlined by the Japanese Shiatsii practitioners guidelines. My respect for the profession dictates that I disclose this fact.
I use no tools, only the sight of my hands and fingers to uncover and slowly release the tension and restrictions impinging on the body's ability to rest at ease. No lotions or oils are used and you wear loose comfortable clothing.

Basic Thai Massage
There are many forms of Thai Massage and I do one form: a Basic Thai Massage. In many ways it is like an assisted yoga. You are clothed and the Massage is performed on a mat.

Guasha Treatment
Guasha is an ancient healing art form wherein the skin of the area treated is scraped vigorously with specially designed tools, generally made of horn or jade. This scraping causes the capillaries in the skin to rupture leaving light to dark red streaks along the area treated. This in turn signals the body's red blood cells to flood the treated area in order to assist in healing the assumed injury. These blood cells do not differentiate between an old injury or a new injury, consequentially the old injury is treated as well as the assumed injury.

The Works
This is a vigorous fast moving deep tissue massage utilizing techniques from Thai, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reposturing Dynamics, as well as elements of the "Essential". This Massage is not recommended for those with severe chronic pain, hypertonic muscles or limited range of motion.

Like Guasha, Cupping is an ancient healing art form. There are many different types of cups used. Some techniques utilize fire to create a vacuum within the cup just prior to the cup being placed on the skin. A more practical method utilizes a vacuum pump rather than fire. The results are the same for both techniques. Cupping, like acupuncture or acupressure works with, among other things, the theory of Chi. If you have stagnant Chi, or the flow of your Chi is blocked, your body suffers disease. This in turn causes the body to become diseased. This can result in depression, fatigue, restlessness, inability to sleep, sleeping too much, lack of energy, inability to think clearly, anger and the list goes on. I personally find the emotional stability achieved through cupping, among other things, to be my greatest benefit. Your personal results may be different.

Foot Reflexology
By massaging specific pressure points on the sole of the foot, the therapist is able to release tensions in related areas thoughout the body. For example, massaging one spot on the foot releases aches and pains in the shoulders. Foot Reflexology is perhaps one of the most relaxing massages one can receive.

House Parties
Having a little get-together with a few close friends?. Want to treat them to something different-something special? A heated table, fresh linen, candles, soft music and the confidence of knowing you have one of the finest Professional Massage Therapists to pamper your guests.